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How to Coordinate care between our practice and your other primary care providers 

Based on current insurance standards and guidelines, we are working on improving our care coordination with primary care practices and other referring clinicians. The practice uses agreements for working with referring clinicians which defines guidelines and exchange of information to expedite timeliness and appropriateness of referrals and improve coordination of patient care.


Please let us know your primary care provider (PCP) contact information and what clinical information you would like us to share. Also, let us know if we need to consult your primary care provider prior to treating you. Let Dr. Motyka know at the end of your visit if you would like a summary of care sent to your PCP.


We believe that it is important for all patients to have a primary care provider to coordinate preventive and primary care. Annual visits are recommended. Dr. Motyka offers basic wellness, screening and primary gynecological care. If you have other medical problems and do not have a primary care provider, here is a list of some primary care physicians available in the area. Please contact your insurance company to verify coverage before choosing.


Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to document this information. The ultimate goal is to improve overall patient care.

You can share your health info and lab results  with  your other providers directly  from our portal. 


Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina

 5915 Farrington Rd Ste 106, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Phone(984) 999-0902


Carrboro Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

Carrboro, NC


Helen Yang, MD, Synergy Family Medicine

Chapel Hill, NC


Amy Csorba, MD, Integrative Physicians

Durham, NC


Kombiz Klein, DO

Durham, NC

Phone: (919) 471-4484


Frances Meredith, MD, Carolina Total Wellness

Cary, NC

Phone: (919) 576-8100


Avance  Care

1512 E Franklin St Suite 100, Chapel Hill, NC 27514



Melanie Mintzer, MD, Generations Family Practice

Cary, NC



Alisa Valentine, MD, Chapel Hill Primary Care

Chapel Hill, NC

Phone: (919) 929-7990/Fax: (919) 951-7855


Dain Vines, MD, Family Centered Healthcare

Hillsboro, NC

Phone: (919) 245-3247

UNC Family Medicine 

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