Thank you for choosing For Women, PA for your healthcare. We want to be sure we are doing everything we can to serve you. Please take a moment and complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey. Responses are confidential.  We use this location to respond to specific concerns or suggestions from survey responses.  So check back here for our response or if you would like to speak to someone at the office about the concern we would be happy to take the time ot address in one on one. Thank you.



Concern about Medicare 

Many patients have asked why we do not participate with Medicare. For Women, P.A. is not in network with Medicare health plans because of a practical difference in approach to gynecological health care management. Primarily, Medicare reimbursement would not allow Dr Motyka to spend adequate time with her patients. The reimbursement rates available would only allow her to spend 10 -15 minutes per visit. Dr Motyka prefers to take between 25-60 minutes for the type of thorough comprehensive patient centered care she provides.

Also Medicare does not allow for annual gyn visits. The plans offer a one time “Welcome to Medicare” visit, not annually. The plans cover a pap and breast exam once every two years, not annually. Our practice recommends an annual preventive visit every year and it is scheduled for 50 minutes.

Medicare has complicated and time consuming regulations and documentation requirements and does not cover holistic treatment approaches.

We do offer to continue to see patients with Medicare insurance out of network. Generally, labs, radiology studies, and prescriptions will be covered the same way as with Medicare providers.   If the patient has a secondary policy, in many cases, we can file with that company and the patient will be reimbursed for the expense paid for the visit. The patient should check with their secondary policy holder to see if the services will be covered. The cash prices for visits are discounted.

We hope that you will understand our position on this issue. We strive to offer the highest standard of gynecological health care possible.


Concern about supplements, herbal remedies, and essential oils available for purchase

Response:For Women, PA offers several choices of supplements, herbal remedies, essential oils, and hemp oils which are available for purchase to our patients. The choices of these companies, which are offered at the practice,  have been extensively researched for professionalism and efficacy, which is validated through science and clinical trials.

Dr. Motyka‘s holistic approach, in partnership with her patients, aims to integrate the best of Western medicine with complementary and alternative medicine to create an individualized health plan. We offer these products to our patients for patient convenience, access to products only available through physicians’ offices, and because of their excellent quality and efficacy.

Patients are encouraged to shop other sources of products offered for sale to the general public. These products are offered as optional suggestions and are not required for the patient’s treatment plan.

Comment: It would be helpful if Dr Motyka would consider phone consults for follow up visits.

Response: Phone consults are offered, however they are not covered by insurance. They would be considered a cash service. The fee is based on $420 per hour and billed in 10 minute increments. Ex: a 10 min phone consult would be $70.

Comment: I saw products that looked like they were for sale but I wasn’t sure. I would have liked to have been told about them.

Response: For Women, PA offers several supplements, essential oils, and herbal tinctures which Dr Motyka has found to be helpful in supporting wellness. She recommends them if she feels they are appropriate for her patients. They are not for sale to the general public and most items are available to purchase from other sources.

Comment: I hope that the wait time for new patients would improve. I waited almost a year for an appointment even though I was part of the old practice under nurse practitioner. It’s very difficult for me to refer anyone for that reason.

Response: The wait time for New Patients reflects the fact that Dr Motyka wants to keep enough time available in her schedule to care for her established patients. If someone is having a women’s health issue that has been diagnosed by another provider, she does save appointment slots for referrals from other providers. The patient should request a referral from their current provider. The wait time will be dependent on the urgency of the patient’s diagnosis. We do appreciate patient referrals!

Comment: The only thing that I don’t like about the practice is that it is difficult to get the receptionist to call back to schedule an appointment. It often takes a couple of days.

Response: The portal is a good alternate option to request an appointment. The front desk will call the patient to set up any requested appointments. Also, currently registered patients who want to reschedule an existing appointment may do so on the portal.

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