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All registered patients. Please go to the patient portal  to fill out your health history.  
For your health and safety, please call 911 for emergencies, or call the office for urgent acute issues. Critical care is not provided via the portal.


The portal is checked hourly throughout the day during office hours only. Dr. Motyka responds to these message between patients, at lunch, and after the last patient of the day. 


For emergencies after hours, please call the office to be put in touch with the on call doctor.  THE PORTAL  IS NOT CHECKED AFTER HOURS OR ON HOLIDAYS OR WEEKENDS. 


Please either call or leave a portal message.  Leaving both can create confusion and duplication of efforts.

Reasons that are fine to call or use the portal. These are answered daily at no charge
  • Questions about recent test results ( in the last 1 month )

  • Simple follow-up questions, that will take < 5 minutes to read and respond to and related to recent office visits ( in the last 1 month )

  • Responses to requests from Dr. Motyka asking  for specific information 


Portal messages and phone calls seeking medical advice need to be scheduled and a charge will be applied.

For the following reasons, please do not call the nurse line or use the portal, but instead schedule a live, telehealth, or portal appointment:


  • complex question that will take me >5 minutes to read and respond to, including the likely need to reference your history

  • questions about any new health issue or topic (including UTI’s and yeast infections)

  • questions or requests for new prescriptions, supplements, or requests for care plan changes.

  • any information you want to update me about your health, that I did not ask you to call about, should  wait for a scheduled visit.  

  • refill requests, which should come directly from your pharmacy, not the portal/phone, unless you are changing pharmacies. If you are changing pharmacies and the Rx has not expired, your new pharmacy will transfer the Rx when you call them to request it.

All portal messages and calls are triaged by staff. Those that do not meet the above guidelines or that are deemed urgent are  sent to the front desk for asap scheduling of a telehealth visit or a scheduled paid portal session.  Non-urgent messages will get a reply that requests you to schedule a visit or a paid portal messaging session.  We have a set number of new slots available each day.  For scheduled portal messages, a $35 fee will be charged for every 5 minutes of time it takes  to read the message, review the chart, type up an answer, reply to follow up questions, and write any prescriptions/orders on that day. Your payment will be requested at the time of scheduling and if you would like for us to submit to your insurance for your reimbursement you can sign a request online. I prefer to handle all new problems or updates at a visit, but if it is more convenient for you to handle a new problem over the portal you will have that option to schedule and the charge will apply.

If you are new to the portal and have an appointment scheduled in the next 30 days, please go to the portal via the link above.  

  • Locate your upcoming visit (near the top of the "Home" screen) and  click on the blue "Check In" button to  link to your "Health History". Complete or verify as appropriate all information displayed or requested on the first page "Patient Information," click "Continue" at bottom right, and then complete the second page "Health History Form." Click "Update" and complete every section in the form that relates to you and skip any section that doesn't apply. Click the blue "Complete" button  at the bottom right when you finish and then "Submit" it. 

  • Please fill out or update this form before each appointment.. This form is needed for insurance  billing.  Filling it out and updating it prior to any appointment will allow Dr. Motyka to spend more time with you during the visit time. 

  • Unfortunately this form is not customizable so please skip any parts that do not apply to you.

  • Also please do not fill out these online forms more 30 days before your appointment, or the form will reset to blank.

  • We will also email you a form that is customized for Dr. Motyka's practice; so please ALSO fill that out and return it before the day of your appt. If you return it by email, please be aware that we are not using the address as HIPAA-compliant, if that is a concern of yours. The patient portal, snail mail, and fax are all HIPAA-compliant.

Athena APP for Portal Access

The portal is easily accessible through the Athena App, called athenaPatient, found wherever you download your apps.

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